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Montesinos has Spanish roots. In his childhood and youth he had moved in and around Bielefeld “at least 15 times”, he told Der Spiegel – podcast And what are you doing? .

He came across rap music through his cousin, who was six years his senior, he said in this interview. When he was six or seven years old, he introduced him to the music of Wu-Tang Clan , 50 Cent , Eminem and others. Montez wrote his first lyrics at the age of 13.

In 2010 he released his first mixtape , Punchlines of a Melancholic . Among others, Manuelnsen is represented on it . Since this first publication, his works have been characterized by catchy melodies. The following year he won the “Newcomer of the Year” award from the online platforms Hiphop.de and Juice , chosen by the jurors Melbeatz , Olli Banjo , Azad , Sido , KIZ and Kool Savas , a marketing company and the editors of the magazines .He also released his debut album Venice.

A year later, he signed his first record deal with the Essah Entertainment label under Kool Savas. He also took him on his Germany tour as a support act. In the same year, the then 18-year-old performed on the main stage at the Splash hip-hop festival in front of US rapper Kendrick Lamar . After this preliminary high point in his career, he would have had panic attacks, depression, writer’s block and anxiety.According to his own statement, he was thrown out of a vocational school leaving certificate course and came to a pre-vocational training course. During this time he fell into a hole and delivered pizza for years, worked in a betting shop and at the post office. So he fought his way back into life and then made music regularly again.

In March 2015 he was recorded by rapper Vega under his Über die Grenz label . His second project Für immer und eh weg was published there in autumn 2015 .

In 2018 he moved to Berlin to share a flat with the music producer Aside . He received support from the rapper Takt32 . There he also began to write songs for other musicians. To this end, he signed a contract with the publishers BMG and We Publish Music, which he extended in 2022. In this capacity he has since written over 130 songs (as of June 2022), including the rappers Katja Krasavice and Badmómzjay , the pop singer Helene Fischer ( Spiele ) and the pop singer Wincent Weiss. According to its own account, this corresponds to over a billion streams on Spotify .

In 2020 he was finally signed to the Universal label . The collaboration with the singer Elif, whenever I want to go, had its first successes . The rapper achieved his commercial breakthrough in 2021 with the song Auf & ab . In August 2021, the song reached number one in the German single charts and top 10 chart positions in Austria and Switzerland . The single was certified platinum in each of these three countries.

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